Value Creation

Creating value in seven steps

During the valuation of your company, RD+P analyzes the unique selling points and potential of your company.

With this knowledge and on the basis of our Value Driver Framework, RD+P can draw up a plan to further develop the potential in seven steps and create extra value.

With this framework RD+P systematically increases business value by understanding the true value drivers and determining the best strategy to grow business value.

We can make use of the framework program to:

One plus one is 3

RD+P helps organizations to create value through the tried and tested concept 1 + 1= 3. Organizations need to change to create value. We stimulate this process by concentrating on three critical areas: Culture, Strategy and Governance.

Using 1+1=3 organizations are challenged to transform in the following four steps:

  1. Strategise by: 1) feeling and unlocking insights from the outside in; 2) creating a compelling story and plan; 3) realizing your strategic transformation 
  2. Taking your organizational purpose to a more emotional level by: 1) collecting and interpreting deep insights; 2) creating an emotional reason to be and; 3) embedding your emotional purpose.
  3. Changing aspects of your culture to unlock your organization -ability, knowledge, desire, being and courage- by: 1) mapping your current and desired culture; 2) creating your compelling story and plan; 3) realizing your cultural transformation.

  4. Developing your leadership team: to help orchestrate, drive and support strategic and cultural transformation.

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