RD+P facilitates entrepreneurs and its advisers with investment issues. Depending on the assignment, we work in co-creation with other stakeholders and specialists such as lawyers, mediators, accountants and bankers.

Rick Denekamp - Managing Partner

Position: Founder of RD+P.

Mission: Rick is a corporate advisor with a mission. To assist entrepreneurs in an independent, clear and professional manner in taking decisions about strategy, investments and divestments, restructuring, financing, transformation and value creation.

Co-creation: Together you know more than alone. I therefore work with specialists in various fields.

Experience: Track record as a Corporate, Sector and Investment banker for, among others, ING Wholesale banking and Rabobank. Corporate Advisor in the field of - cross-border - M&A, corporate financing, restructuring, strategy and transformation. As Register Valuator performing business valuations.

Education: Master in Strategic Management obtained at the Rotterdam School of Management and a Master in International Management at ESADE University in Barcelona. In addition, a post-doctoral study in Business Valuation obtained at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, accredited by the NIRV, the Netherlands Institute for Register Valuators.

Contactinfo: E-mail:, Tel.:+31-6 21 58 43 45

Marc Stigter, Phd - Strategy Partner

Position: Marc Stigter is a Global Strategy Expert and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LiveTiles Ltd., a technology company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. In addition, Dr. Stigter also serves on the board of Melbourne Business School.

Mission: Marc helps organizations realize opportunities in one of the most transformative times in human history. To achieve this, Marc calls for a radical rethink of the three critical areas in which he specializes: strategy, culture and governance. He stimulates organizations to let go of business-as-usual by seeing, thinking, feeling, planning and doing differently. His award-winning books support the three critical areas in which he specializes: Solving the Strategy Delusion (2015); Boards That Dare (2018); and Making Culture Work (2019).

Experience: He was a Shell Country Chairman in the Middle East and worked for other blue chip companies around the world.

Education: Marc earned a PhD at Lancaster University Management School (UK) and also earned three Master’s degrees. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne and an Associate Director at Melbourne Business School.

Contactinfo: E-mail:, Tel.: +61-41 90 03 673, website: