Debt Advisory

Financial restructuring or refinancing

You may need additional financing for investments or you may wish to completely refinance the company due to an acquisition or carve-out. RD+P can guide you in determining the optimal financing structure. We look at the savings potential, the growth ambitions and whether you have the right financial partners. We combine different types of capital into the most suitable solution.

Because of our independence, we only have your interest in mind and we look for the party with the best solution for you. Due to our banking background and extensive experience in solving (international) financing issues, we know what the requirements are for obtaining optimal financing. We maintain good contacts with most relevant lenders in the Netherlands. This allows us to compare the best alternatives for you.

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RD+P maintains good contacts with most relevant lenders in the Netherlands. 

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Acquisition finance

RD+P has M&A specialists who are familiar with financing a company takeover.

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Working capital finance

RD+P has many years of experience in financing and optimizing working capital.

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Real estate finance

RD+P is happy to assist you with a quick and effective realization of your real estate project. 

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Different types of capital, traditional and alternative, are combined by means of co-financing. Financing can still be done at the most favorable conditions at a bank. Additional funding is provided through alternative parties like national funds, development companies, newfangled working capital providers and private investors.

Co-financing is intended to help companies through a growth phase or to facilitate a takeover.

Financing partners

RD+P RD+P works together with reputable lenders and investors. Together we help SMEs by enabling a capital mix of financial service providers, local authorities and informal investors. 


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