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Do you want to buy or sell a company? In both cases it is important to prepare well. RD+P goes through the following steps that are necessary for a careful company takeover. From the orientation and selection to the valuation, negotiations and finalization of the purchase. RD+P has a lot of experience in the field of selling and buying companies. 

We can also assist in cross-border transactions with help of our international network and partner TeamOn Development & Investments Consulting S.L.   


Eight steps to buying a business 

Do you want to buy a company? Then it is important to prepare well. In eight steps you can see what is involved in the purchase of a company: from the search and selection to the valuation, negotiations and finalization of the purchase.

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Eight steps to selling a business

There is a lot to consider when selling your business. Where do you find buyers? How do you prepare for the sale? How do you determine the value? And what should you think about when selling a business? In eight steps you can read how to approach the sale of your company. 

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TeamOn Development & Investments Consulting S.L (hereinafter: TeamOn) is the transaction partner of RD+P. TeamOn was founded in 2009 by Marco Hulsewe in Barcelona and has since grown into a leading player in mergers and acquisitions in Spain.

TeamOn, with its head office in Barcelona, focuses in particular on international transactions and has an international network in Southern Europe and America, among other places. In addition, Teamon is also involved in the purchase and sale of commercial real estate in Spain. 

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TeamOn is als active on the Dutch, English and Scandinavian market. TeamOn has amongst others succesfully executed a project for Royal Herkel (Zeewolde) developing a pharmaceutical product for the Spanish market. 

Royal Herkel is (since 1915) a contractmanufacturer specialised in de the development, production and optimization of food supplements, medical devices, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. 

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