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What we do

RD+P is an independent valuator for medium-sized (family) companies. We support - in collaboration with lawyers, mediators, tax specialists and accountants - companies with valuation issues. 

A business valuation indicates the economic value of your company. Business valuation is a profession in its own right. At many times there is a need for an expert and professional assessment of the value of a company or its shares. Our valuation experts are Register Valuator (RV) and affiliated with the NIRV, the Dutch Institute for Register Valuators.
An RV is a financial expert who specializes in determining the value of a company. You are a Registered Valuator after successfully completing a postgraduate course. Only then will you have the knowledge and expertise to value a company and to carry out the most complex valuation issues.  


How we do this

RD+P facilitates entrepreneurs and its advisers with valuation issues. RD+P determines the purpose of the valuation and collects as much information about the company as possible, including financial and non-financial information. Interviews are then held with those involved about, among other things, the business model, the market, competition, annual figures, forecasts and vision for the future. An analysis is made of this and the value drivers of the company are determined. Finally, we present you a clear valuation report resulting in an independent and transparent valuation.

When we do this

There are several circumstances when business valuation plays an important role, which are:

  • Business transfer within the family: An undervaluation of the company can bring you into serious conflict with the tax authorities.
  • Business transfer outside the family: If you are thinking of selling a business, you want to know what the business is worth. And if you are thinking about making an acquisition, you want to determine the value of the 'target'. A valuation is the starting point in the negotiation process.
  • Disputes: You have a disagreement with your business partner, family members or other stakeholders and you want to end the collaboration. Or you become involved in a divorce and your partner is entitled to some of the value of your business. Or you are experiencing damage and  you need a damage calculation.
  • Value creation: A business valuation can help you determine the value drivers and risk factors of your company so that you can manage this and thus achieve a higher return and sales value.
  • Restructuring: Depending on whether the restructuring has tax consequences, the Tax and Customs Administration will assess the value determined in connection with the relocation of assets, activities and / or shares.
  • Inheritance: In the event of death, it is important to determine the enterprise value in connection with a possible inheritance.

In all these cases, RD+P can support you with a well-substantiated valuation report. 

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